apatchy — indian princess

yes, her name is pronounced just like geronimo's tribe.

gerry and charles rescued her from dallas's forney road animal shelter on august 2, 2005. the animal control folks estimated her age at three months, so we're pegging her birthday as 05/05/05.

officially, her color is "calico, dilute" although it might better be described as calico pastel. she is basically bright white with patches and stripes of pastel tans, greys and oranges. with patches of desert southwest colors like that, she had to have some sort of desert-like name.

and what a bundle of energy she is, never staying in one place long enough for the photographer to take the shot he plans.

her favorite activity so far: bounding across the living room carpet, chasing a tossed, rolled up ball of paper to snag it at full speed with her newly found claws and somersaulting head first with it, then unwinding her body to end the somersault prone on the carpet, still grasping her paper prize.

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