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(September 30, 2012)

So here thus are written in web rather than in stone, the Ten Commandments of Bidding.

Each is explained briefly via an example page. Click on any Commandment to navigate to that Commandment's example page.

  1. Don't bid a suit of your own when you are able support partner's suit.

  2. You shall limit your hand at your first legal opportunity to make your partner the Captain, then honor thy Captain and his decisions.

  3. Thou shalt bid boldly: timid bidding is not rewarded.

  4. Thou shalt not try to save partner from himself.

  5. Thou shalt not bid a weak misfit beyond the two-level.

  6. In a suity auction (rather than a notrump auction) treat bids of new suits as forcing; treat bids of old suits as limiting and therefore not forcing unless the underlying auction is already forcing.

  7. Thou shalt never raise thine own preempt.

  8. He who knows, goes: there are no extra bids.

  9. When you bid two different suits at two different levels, you promise 5-4 as long as both calls are natural.

  10. Neither partner is allowed to ask for Aces (or key cards, ala Blackwood, Gerber, etc.) until one partner has limited his hand.

  11. Given a choice between distorting either your hand pattern or your hand strength, do neither. Said another way: *every* bid you make shall, by convention and practicality, promise a certain hand value and a certain hand pattern — both.

  12. Holding a hand where it seems as if two conventions may be equally valid, the more precise one wins.

  13. When science fails, b.b.t.h. [bull by the horns] will do, temporarily.

  14. Thou shalt not treat the minor suits as second class citizens until one partner or the other is able to cogently dismiss the possibility of a minor suit slam.


  1. There are more sins in Bridge.

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