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“Introducing Dorothy Hayden Truscott”

While kibitzing the first session of the Women's Knockouts at a national tournament in Las Vegas, I chose to sit by my favorite, Mary Jane Farell. Her partner that session was Dorothy Hayden Truscott.

I realized that I had never met Dorothy, so I whispered to Mary Jane, "Would you mind introducing me to your partner?"

Coming from the era when ladies wore white gloves and manners where sacrosanct, Mary Jane replied with some embarrasment and urgency, "Oh, yes of course, dear!"

She thought for a moment and asked me in a whisper, "By the way, dear, what's your last name?"

"Lee. L - e - e" I clarified with a timid smile.

Mary Jane projected across the table, "Dorothy, may I introduce my friend Charles Lee."

Dorothy looked up from her reading and with a perfunctory nod said something like "How do you do."

Unabashed, I continued, "I just wanted you to know how much fun it is meeting you after having read so much about you."

Dorothy's instantly beamed, thanked me and asked some sort of quasi-interested question such as was I going to be playing or something.

After the routine at the table had returned to normal, Mary Jane leaned over to me and behind her hand murmured, "Well, she sure ate that up."

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