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a version that focuses more on the passed hand rather than the perhaps-light opener

pub. 1-1-2014. rev 6-26-2020.

Drury's concepts, updated:

  1. When you open light in 3rd seat (some even in 4th). Your passed-hand partner (PHP) will need to know just one thing to begin with: whether or not you opened light. When the PHP finds you with a genuine opening hand, the PHP should clarify which hand he sought fit to pass, and pass you the baton (forgive the expression).

    Reason: Since the PHP hand is much more limited than the opener, it's easier to narrow down the important qualities of the passed hand than it is to make the opener do it.

  1. Other than the final contract, any leaping bid the opener makes crowds the bidding unnecessarily. This "self-preemption" can leave opener in the dark about certain key qualities of the responding hand that could make a difference.

  2. Most Drury players understand that you don't want to overbid when opener is light, but few understand that this trepidation can lead to timid bidding. Specifically, you can miss a slam when both partners hold maximums or excellent fits.

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