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The gasp is a multipurpose schtick one might apply to any of the following.

  1. You have four cards facing four cards. You are missing the Ace as well as some particularly high spot card.

    To avoid losing two tricks in this suit, you must lead in the correct direction, locating the singleton Ace, avoiding the expenditure of an honor

    If when you lead small, your second-to-play snaps the Ace on the table, you may understandably gasp and perhaps feign a recoil. You have been "surprised" by the powerful card your opponent has proffered.

  2. The opening leader's partner unexpectedly ruffs when everyone else is required to follow suit. [Gasp!]

    You give the ruffer a hurt look and say, "I want to be generous and give you a chance to change your mind."

  3. You dredge up a rebid of your own mangy suit from a hand that you weren't all that proud to have opened in the first place. But hey, partner's forcing bid is forcing for a reason.

    Without further ado, partner raises to six (of your suit, of course, not hers).


    You will also be forgiven for gasping when your Catholic partner crosses herself just before raising you to six.

Yes, eyerollers and smiles.

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