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“M.S.D.D.G. our favortite new appreviation”

Sitting North-South at Kiva, a lady who had just completed a round at my table took me by the arm, pulled me gently aside and said, "I just wanted you to know: I think you are movie-star drop dead gorgeous.


The first thought that entered my mind: Where's Gerry?

Our very good friend Elaine, came to my table for the new round before I could collar Gerry, so I told her what had transpired.

With a pseudo-panicking look she waved at Gerry (still finishing the current round, one row over) saying, "Gerry! Don't go home! Don't go home; go to a hotel for a week."

It was only after the session that day that Gerry heard the full story (more than once) and probably thought about Elaine's heads-up again... and again... and....

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