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• Class Schedule. (Bridge 1xx = basic; 2xx = more advanced; 3xx = near expert; 0xx = Utilities )
Date Class Start Time Class Name Signup Dealine
Apr 3, 2020 (Fri) 2 p.m. Bridge 003, The "SuitPlay" computer program.
Apr 3, 2020; 2 a.m. (Fri)
Apr 8, 2020 (Wed) 2 p.m. Bridge 191, The Penalty Pass.
a.k.a "Shall we dance double?"
Apr 8, 2020; 9 a.m. (Wed)
Apr 14, 2020 (Tue) 2 p.m. Bridge 301, Your First Squeeze Play.
a.k.a. "The Ten Thousand Dollar Glass of Lemonade"
Apr 14, 2020; 9 a.m. (Tue)
This list will likely change at least once a week. Check back often.

• Technical Requirements for Attending. Scroll down and read the whole thing!

  1. A Windows or Mac computer with computer speakers (to be able to hear me) .
  2. Optional: Webcam (if you want to be seen); Microphone or headset (if you want to be heard).
  3. You do not need an account with Zoom (the folks who run the video conferencing service).
  4. You do need to send a request via e-mail to Charles. (That address was mentioned in the club's e-mail announcement and is not repeated here for security reasons.) Include your name and the name of the class from the class list above.
  5. Charles needs to send all attendees something technical via e-mail that allows you to join the video conference, so the signup deadline is 12 hours prior to class start time.
  6. Number 5 above refers to an e-mail message requesting that you join the video conference. Watch for it.
    You'll have to click on a link in the message to actually join the meeting. For details on how that works, watch the YouTube tutorial — click this link on How To Join .
  7. Be prompt!

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