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“Kibitzer's Tact”

While kibitzing a husband and wife pair of my acquaintance, he led a 9 of hearts (middle of the hand, first lead of that suit). She thought about it for a while but ultimately misdefended.

Since it was the end of the round with enough time free for a lecture, he proceeded tell her in detail what she did wrong.

At the end of the lecture, she turned to me and said "Would you have gotten that?"

I cleared my throat and strained not to answer directly, saying "I do have a question." She nodded, so I added, "Was your partner's lead of a nine just a practical lead or some sort of convention?"

"Convention," she replied in a shot.

"Oh," I added, "which one?"

Now she had to think about the full import of the answer.

After a moment's thought, she leaned across the table and murmured to her husband, "He's on your side."

Laughter all around.

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