Patricia (Culver) Battle

Pictured here at the 1989 Culver Family Reunion in Culver City California with a display of photos taken during the early days of Culver City (including her parents), Pat Battle (her married name) is the daughter of the founder of Culver City. Born in 1918 (or so) the founder's daughter is still living and active as of this writing, and appears at some of the more important civic activities of Culver City, such as the dedication of Culver City's new City Hall in 1995.

We have encountered Pat on several occasions, not the least of which was a surprise visit. One sunny day in 1989, she drove her little red car into my driveway and helped her mother out of the car. Yes, Lillian Culver the founder's wife was (surprisingly to me) still alive and alert. And it was her 93rd birthday that day! Pat brought her along hoping for a nostalgis look at the old house in which Pat lived the first ten or so years of her life.

Lillian made her way into the house under her own power bolstered by two tightly gripped canes. She rounded the corner from the entry hall to the Great Hall, took one look at the ship's window at the front of the house and said, "Oh! I've never seen that window without a curtain on it - that's a beautiful window!" Lillian Culver celebrated her 100th birthday in 1996.

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