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Gerry in Germany, 2016


Traveling alone does not mean being alone. People were engaging and supportive of my struggling German.

My reading is pretty decent. My speaking, not so much.

Like the delightfully eccentric woman at the bus stop near Wannsee in Berlin (picture right) who just started talking to me in German about her job (house cleaner), asking help to find on the posted schedule when her bus would come (five minutes), suggesting that I find my bus schedule on my "Handy" (german for smart phone). And yes, I found it that way.

Or the early 30's man with the troubled ankle on the bus from Spandau Rathaus S-bahn station to the Zitadella Spandau; laughing, teasing, gently helping me use the right verb.

Thank you, Robert!

Or the front desk clerk at the Generator Hostel next to the Hamburg Hauptbahnhof. After asking the proper way to address a police officer in German, he threw up his hands with an impish gleam in his eyes, and cried Hilf mir bitte! (help me, please!). We laughed.

Or Nico in Frankfurt and Taco in Berlin, friends I met through the Net, and many other wonderful people.
a cobblestone sidewalk at the Wannsee bus stopa cobblestone sidewalk at the Wannsee bus stop