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Gerry in Germany, 2016

Then off to Berlin on the ICE (not the ticket shown).


I arrived at the Berlin Hauptbahnhof and was floored — five levels of train tracks!

I had been through the Hauptbahnhof many times in 2012 on the S-bahn, which glides in and out of the top level. Little did I realize then the many levels below.

So I toured the Hauptbahnhof and its many shops; learned how to use German public toilets (Better have a €1 coin available).

Found the Travel Center (Reisezentrum) and purchased a "7-Tage-Karte" (german for 7-day public transport card (pictured right).


I could go wherever I wanted, however I wanted (U-bahn, S-bahn, Trams, Buses) without a second thought about the right ticket, right direction or right transfer.

And I did.
a scanned image of a seven day public transport ticket.