The Giant Monopoly GameThe Giant Monopoly Game

Started in 1978, Charles hand-painted this twenty-five square foot enlargement of Parker Brothers' famous, often-mimicked game on the rough back side of a formica sheet. It and the other game pieces (houses, hotels, etc.) are nine times the size of the original. And, yes we really do use it. Games like the one you see here are held about once a year.

In the picture, we see (clockwise, starting with the white shirt.) Yours Truly sorting through the Property Deeds, Gerry drawing attention to the price he is demanding, Eric (Mary's date) scouring the rule sheet for a loop hole, Patrick Corson trying keep the peace, Mary Dryden hungrily eyeing the deeds she doesn't already own, and behind the camera shooting from the landing at the top of the entry hall staircase, Sharon Corson, wife of Patrick.

Try the group photo of the players (jpeg - 39K)

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Last updated: 2-21-97