Mrs. Muriel HarrisonMrs. Muriel Harrison

When I was stationed at RAF Bentwaters (about 90 miles northeast of London) around 1970, I befriended Mrs. Harrison at "The Tuesday Club" - a bridge club of senior ladies and gentlemen in Woodbridge, Suffolk. At that time, she lived in a 16th century Tudor cottage in "Low Street" in Lower Ufford (not too far from Ipswitch).

The widow of a surgeon, she was the dearest and most pragmatic of ladies imaginable. I took a 35-day trip around the continent of Europe during my stay there and sent her a postcard from every town and city I visited. Most other people to whom I sent postcards saved them as momentos - not Muriel. Upon my first visit to her after the trip, I asked to see them since it would be the first complete retrospective of my trip as a whole. She gave me the same look you see in this photo and replied, "Oh, Charles. I'm not a 'keeper'; I'm a 'thrower-away'."

One thing she would never throw away was the life's-work hobby of her late husband - a surgeon - who sculpted doll houses using surgical tools that weren't quite up to the task of cutting humans but were more than up to the task of carving wood. Get a load of this English pub (jpeg 48k) - a typical example of his work.

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