Bridge expert, Mary Jane Farell

Mrs. Jules Farell

Winner of numerous world and U.S. championships, "MJ" as her friends know her, teaches the world's most challenging card game in and around the Beverly Hills area in between tournament trips to far away places. Pictured here at one of her reliable perches (Table 2, North at the Barrington Bridge Club) Mary Jane is one of many registered professional players who charges a fee to discriminating clients who insist on learning correctly from the world's best.

A player who is at all times affable, courteous and disciplined, Mrs. Jules Farell has, for more than forty years, been a glowing example of how Bridge players should conduct themselves at the table whether crushing the opposition or being taken to the cleaners.

Kibitzing Mary Jane is one of the more pleasurable experiences a card player of any level of expertise can enjoy - sharing her championship insights. Being her opponent can be simultaneously nerve-wracking, informative, and inspirational. Being her partner allows one to experience the ultimate in teamwork, leadership, confidence and comfort. I have had the honor and pleasure of experiencing all three in addition to considering her one of my friends.

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