The Queens Guards, Buckingham Palace

What would any "Charles" web site be without some mention of British royalty. This is mine. When Gerry and this Charles visited England in 1986, we hit all the tourist traps (since Gerry had never been there before) including the usual trip to Buckingham Palace.

Near the Palace, I managed to find this poor bloke decked out in this dress reds, stuck with the job of staying motionless for as long as it took for perfectionist Charles to take this picture and give up on making him try to break up laughing. Now..., if you know Charles you know that this could be a wait longer than the coming of Spring in Greenland. The guard probably thought so too.

After several angles I didn't care for, I managed to lie on the ground at his feet (and I do mean close enough to be nervous about messing up his flawless shoe shine) at an angle steep enough that I could shoot underneath his fuzzy sun screen and capture his mesmerized pupils on film. Here for you then, the ability to share the reward.

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Last updated: 3-6-97