Stars I've Met — Denise CrosbyDeniseCrosby

From Trek to Fest

I met Denise Crosby through a marvelous serendipity.

In April, 2005, during my time with the Turtle Creek Chorale, we made a documentary film that won the festival prize in the Documentary category at the 2005 USA Film Festival. There were only about half a dozen prizes for the 500+ entries.

The Chorale members were invited to the awards presentation and screening of winners (4/24/2005) and I went.

Although no one of knew in advance, it turned out that Denise Crosby was the chief judge. I was one of the first of my bunch to arrive at the theater center. Denise arrived shortly after I did with her fellow judges, all of us trying to figure out which theater we would be in (there are eight). They came right up to me because I was wearing a Turtle Creek Chorale sweatshirt (large logo) and it didn't take an instant for me to recognize her.

Another legend met, greeted and enjoyed. But alas, with no notice, I had no preparation for an autograph or photo. [sigh]

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