Stars I've Met — Diana RiggDiana Rigg photo lifted one frame from the movie.

She's Needed

While I was in London, I went to see a play titled "Abelard and Heloise." There was only one reason to see it: Diana Rigg.

She starred in this play right around the time she had ended her famous role in The Avengers television series.

This time, Charles went the whole hog. He stationed himself outside the artists entrance of the theatre (British spelling) and accosted Miss Rigg. After the briefest of words, instead of asking for an autograph, I asked her to star in my Super 8 movie. She agreed and Charles took over (nicely, of course). I asked her to walk all the way back down to the end of the block and walk back toward me as I took the shot. She did it!

However, she was very careful not to stop for any retakes, choosing instead to keep going into the theatre.

This has always been of of my favorite stories and Diana has always been one of my favorites (long before I took the movie). Click the embedded YouTube movie below.

You can also play the clip directly on YouTube

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