Stars I've Met — Don Adamsbackgammon score sheet versus Don Adams

Get Smart, Charles!

Who can forget Agent 86, Maxwell Smart.

I met Don Adams in the late 70's by chance at The Cavendish West, a bridge and backgammon club on Sunset Boulevard where Sunset approaches Beverly Hills.

It was tournament night and I was in a different flight than Don. I begged the arranger to move me to a section where, if I survived the first round of play, my second round would be against the famous actor. She did and it worked.

My favorite moment of the match came when I needed a roll of 6-2 to hit one of his checkers. So what do I roll instead? 6-3.

I moved my checker one spot past his and in my best Max imitation recited, "missed it by that much." It was the only laugh I got out of him all night.

It was a seven-point match which I won as you can see from the score sheet above (final game unwritten).

The topper was when I sheepishly asked whether it was too nervy to ask him to autograph the score. Even as I was making the excuse that no one would ever believe me otherwise, he smiled and motioned for me to hand it over.

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