Stars I've Met — Ginger Rogers Ginger Rogers, 1971

Really Dancing with the Stars

In 1971, Ginger performed the title role in "Mame" in London. The photo here is the autographed back cover of the program.

After the show, I camped out at the back stage door with many others. When it came my turn for the autograph, I said simply "I went to Van Horn High School" while she was writing. Finished with the scrawl, she looked at me, puzzled at first, so I followed up with "Independence".

She lit up and yelled out to the crowd, "Hey everybody, this boy's from my home town."

I started to softly sing "Heaven, I'm in Heaven..." while reaching out to her.

As if it were some magnetic connection, we danced for eight bars with the crowd grinning throughout and applauding at the end.

One thing I'll never forget: I danced with Ginger Rogers.

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