Stars I've Met — Lois NettletonNois Nettleton as seen in The Twilight Zone

Out of the Twilight

Around 1987, Gerry and I were attending a play at the L.A. Theatre Center. At intermission, I heard a familiar voice. There she was, in the row just in front of me and a bit to my left. I recognized her immediately from her famous scene in "The Midnight Sun," one of Rod Serling's Twilight Zone episodes (the image shown here).

At the first pause in the conversation she was having with someone in her row, I jauntily called out, "Lois!"

She turned to me and said, "Hi!" with a wide expectant smile that turned immediately to a look of confusion. I proceeded to chat her up as if we had known each other forever, watching the wheels and gears crank as she tried to remember who in world or where in the world....

Gerry had long since turned as far away from this mortifying scene as the crowd would allow. So I dragged him back by the arm saying, "Oh, Lois, you never did meet Gerry did you." To which she replied with a bewildered, "No-o-o." They exchanged a pleasant handshake and finally I had to come clean.

We all got a good laugh out of it and Lois was greatly relieved that she had not had some sort of senior moment.

Alas, I didn't have the presence of mind (or anything to write on), so no autograph.

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