Stars I've Met — Nancy Kovack Nancy Kovack

Victory For Apella!

During a week in Las Vegas in the early 1980's, I looked across the roulette table and there she was, chips in hand, studying the playing field. A number came into my head.

Somehow, across the table, our eyes met and I gently said it out loud. "Seventeen."

Her expression changed to quizical, then to determined. She put some of her chips on 17 and others started following suit. Before the little white ball ended its clatter, the 17 spot was mounded with chips of every color.

It hit. Nancy looked up at me in wonder and shock.

As she was sorting out her share from the pile, I made my way around the table and waited until she looked up at me again.

I gestured toward her newly won handful and repeated my favorite line of hers: "I bring you victory for Apella."

We all had a great laugh over that one, including the very tall guy with her.

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