Stars I've Met — Noel NeillNoel Neill as Lois Lane

Super Lady

Yes, everyone knows she played the part of Lois Lane in the 1950's television series Superman. She was my favorite.

Around 1988, I ran across her in a furrier on Pico Boulevard in West Los Angeles. Recognizing her immediately, I sat patiently nearby for several minutes enjoying the sound of her voice as she interacted with the store's owner.

As she turned to leave, I mildly sang out her name. She turned, smiled broadly and said "Yes!"

Like many fans (no doubt) I explained how I had so enormously enjoyed her in the Lois Lane role. I explained that I was there on business as she was and didn't have an autograph book so.... could I have a hug instead?

"Sure," she beamed, opening her arms widely and enthusiastically. So what do you know — I felt just like Superman. I got to hug Lois Lane!

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